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Executive Shuttle Service, Inc. Airport Pick-Up Information

 Any changes in flight itinerary, cancellations, missed connections and/or flights, or changes in personal plans must be called in to Executive Shuttle Service for rescheduling or for a refund. If you do not follow these instructions, you will either be charged on your credit card or will not receive a refund. If it becomes necessary for us to make another trip, there will be an additional fare to pick you up.

 All return reservations must be re-confirmed by 6:00pm Eastern time, the day before your arrival, to make sure all flight information is current and that we have the right day of your scheduled arrival.  If you do not call to confirm and any part of your information is incorrect, we will not be held responsible for any extra expense, inconvenience, or waiting that occurs at OIA. This is to protect you and ESS from any misinterpretation of your flight itinerary given to ESS when the original reservation was taken.

 Upon arriving at the airport, call the toll-free number, 1.888.303.4044, and PRESS OPTION 3 to confirm your reservation and receive further instructions for your pick-up. Then proceed down to the baggage claim (Level 2) to get your luggage. If your luggage is delayed or lost, please call immediately to inform us. Note: It is very IMPORTANT that you press option 3 when calling to confirm your arrival.

  After receiving your luggage, take the elevator and proceed down to the Express Pick-Up on the Ground Level (Level 1). When the doors open, you will see rental stations (booths). In between these stations are double sliding glass doors. Go through these doors and look for the vehicle parked alongside the curb or in the next lane over. If you get lost or cannot find the vehicle, call the office immediately and we will help to direct you to the vehicle and/or driver.

  Since this is a shuttle service, we do pick-up and drop-off other passengers, based on flight arrivals and our schedule. In most cases, the driver will meet you approximately thirty (30) minutes after your flight arrives, but due to currently excessive fuel costs, your pick-up wait time at the airport could be longer. If your flight arrival is within one (1) to two (2) hours of another Executive Shuttle passenger's flight arrival, you will be transported from OIA at the same time and on the same shuttle. Consequently, there may be delays in picking you up, especially during the holidays and peak seasons of travel, when there are more people traveling.
NOTE: In an effort to keep our shuttle prices within reason, we are implementing this new policy, effective immediately.
Please remember that the driver does NOT make the schedule and, thus, there is absolutely no reason to discuss your wait time and/or the transport time with your shuttle driver. If these guidelines do not meet your needs, we do have private services, but these services will cost more than a shuttle van. In summary: PLEASE do not complain to your driver if you are impatient. It is clearly explained in this brochure how we operate. We have been in business for over twenty-five (25) years and you are guaranteed to be picked-up no matter what time your flight arrives. We will NOT leave you stranded at the airport as long  as you follow our instructions.

  Occasionally, traffic, weather, mechanical problems, other flights being delayed, passengers not following instructions, delays and/or lost luggage or other intangibles could delay our arrival or keep us at the airport longer than expected.  Please be patient - we will be there and we will leave as soon as possible.

  When dropping passengers off in Brevard County, we start from the North and work our way South or from the West to the East. This means that if you live in Melbourne, you most likely will be brought home last.

  There will be an additional $10.00 per hour plus 15% gratuity added to the base rate on flights arriving after 6:00 pm.  Even if you have already paid an additional amount for an evening fare, that price was originally based on the time that was originally given to us and this rule will apply to any later arrivals (for whatever reason).

  If you are just traveling one way and need a return in the future and would like to make a reservation, please call during our business hours, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, EST, at least 24 hours in advance. Please take into consideration any time zone changes when calling.

  Executive Shuttle Service is not responsible for any items or baggage left in our vehicles. Consequently, please check to make sure that you have all of your belongings when exiting one of our vehicles.

 Please Note: reservations canceled within 24 hrs of scheduled pick-up will be charged $25. Reservations canceled at time of pick-up, or while driver is in route, will be charged full price. Reservtions MUST be canceled more than 24hrs before scheduled pick-up for no charge.